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Started in 2016, and re-launched in 2018 King & Queen Lyfe LLC, dba  King & Queen Lyfe Clothing is urban apparel online clothing brand designed and dedicated in helping uplifting our Queens and Kings through fashion as well as other apparel and accessories to all.  

We truly believe in  providing unity through our urban apparel Fashion custom printed tees shirts as well as other apparel and accessories to all walks of life.  

All of the T-shirt phrases are original uplifting phrases and slogans created by the Owner Schanda, which go by Ria short for her middle name Maria. .They say the tongue is a powerful weapon, and what comes out of it can make you or break you, and we choose to speak Life(LYFE)( Love Yourself First Everyday) into others through our clothing, so essentially our clothing is our tongues in which we use to uplift and motivate and educate people all over the world. 

King & Queen Lyfe  apparel and accessories are for all walks of life; women, men, and especially the youth of all ages that dare to be different and speak loudly through their clothing.  We strive to make sure all of our customers know they are TRUE Kings & Queens!

Our Motto is  " wear yourself proudly"!

LYFE(Love Yourself First Everyday)


Owner Quotes!
" I've always had a passion for being able to make a difference through my art, in which I thought would be music because I so love all kinds of music, but its actually through my company in which Im still making music in a sense, its just that my songs or stories now are in my clothing"  


Owner Quotes!
" You can be the best dressed in the room, but are you saying anything" ? King & Queen Lyfe clothing speaks for you!

Owner Quotes!
" Wear yourself proudly and stand with your head up as the true Kings & Queens you are"!


Charlotte , NC
P.O Box 560914